A Life of Unanswered Prayer

A life of unanswered prayer

Accustomed to silent years of disappointment

I expect failure and not success:

How can I hope in You?

by the waters of Babylon we sat down and wept
By Gebhard Fugel – 1863-1939. An den Wassern Babylons

As the Psalmist sang:

“By the waters of Babylon we sat down and wept.

How can we sing the Lord’s song in a foreign land?”


Where O Lord is your victory?   Where is you mighty hand?

Where is the sign of your favor and love?

Yet my trust in You is unbroken.

You give me faith in your goodness,

No matter what happens to me.


My faith for the future is broken, my hope is crushed.

I looked for your salvation,

Your mighty works on the earth,

And my eyes have grown weary with waiting.

My heart is overcome with sorrow

Because of the sins of the earth and the death of the innocent.


Why do you remain silent?

Where is your power and why is your justice not on display?

Where are you when we cry out to you for deliverance?


Lord, we are without power or strength

We cannot redeem the earth.

Our voices are stilled, our tongues are mute.

When we speak, they do not listen.

If they hear, they only mock.

They think us fools and deceived.

There is no fear of the Lord in their hearts

For they say “there is no God!”

Without evidence of your majesty, they scoff and walk away.


Yet, I know that you love me,

You give me assurance in my heart.

How can I tell them of your love

If they will not listen?

How can I tell them to fear you

If they will not heed?


You know, O Lord! You know.

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