The Lord Has Turned His Heart


Nov. 8, 2006


"The people have turned their hearts from me. I will now turn my heart from them," says the Lord.

My thoughts on this word:

I think what was evident in the election is the fact that the US can no longer endure difficulty or conflict and the people have listened for 6 years to the constant hatred and blistering attacks by the Left – which is more against Bush and his stand for family values, Christianity, and prolife views- than anything about the war. They are maddest about the judicial appointees more than anything and just used the war as a means to an end. I think that because the people fell for the spirit of bitterness, a deception has taken place over the spiritual evil the people will allow to take power just so they can have peace and ease at home. It isn't party affiliation, it is moral and spiritual. They have run from the battle rather than face the enemy.

My sense is: batten down the hatches, it is going to get bad. The Lord has decided to lift his covering.

Do you know the story of Jabeshgilead (1 Samuel 11:1)? The people were offered life if they would surrender, become slaves of the Ammonites, and submit to having their right eyes put out so they could not fight with the sword. What will our nation give up just so we can have peace?


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