Handout on the Occult

Handout on the Occult   (see also Prayer for Deliverance from the Occult)

Occult: something hidden or secret, especially secret knowledge or power as used in spells, incantations, secret worship or ritual.
Satanism: the belief in and worship of Satan (as a real being or as a supernatural force or power), the devil, and or demons. The use of the occult or magic in worship or serving the devil. The practice of the Black Mass, in association with sexual intercourse, human and or animal sacrifice, is a hallmark of Satanism.
Witchcraft: the use of spells or incantations to summon known or unknown forces to accomplish a task; often involves open worship of Satan in black witchcraft, but even “white” magic/witchcraft taps that same supernatural forces.
Acclimation: getting used to things, which were unfamiliar. In our culture, we are now getting used to satanic practices and occult practices. It has been so gradual that we may not be aware of what is happening. Like satanic symbols being introduced by Heavy Metal rock groups. The youth just adopt the styles and symbols of their “heroes” without even being aware what these things represent.
Listing of occult practices and modern equivalents.:
In Deuteronomy, God gives a list of occult practices that are strictly forbidden because they are Satanic in origin. Therefore no one, Christian or not, should be involved in any of these things.
When you enter the land the Lord your God is giving you, do not learn to imitate the detestable ways of the nations there. Let no one be found among you who sacrifices his son or daughter in the fire, who practices divination or sorcery, interprets omens, engages in witchcraft, or casts spells, or who is a medium or spiritist or who consults the dead. Anyone who does these things is detestable to the Lord, and because of these detestable practices the Lord your God will drive out those nations before you. Deuteronomy 18: 9-12.
Divination: “the art or practice that seeks to foresee or foretell future events or discover hidden knowledge usually by the means of augury(looking at omens) or by the aid of supernatural powers.
Modern examples: clairvoyance, ESP, astrology (horoscopes), Ouija boards, palm reading, fortune telling, reading tea leaves, Tarot cards, I-Ching.
Sorcery: comes from the Greek work, pharmakia, from which we get the words pharmacology and pharmacist. The root of the word means “drugs.” Sorcery was condemned because these people chiefly made compounds for poisons, for drugs, which induced hallucinations and altered states, and they made drugs for abortions.
Modern examples: cocaine, marijuana, heroin, LSD, PCP, are all drug compounds which induce addiction, dependence, or altered states. Drug use is usually associated with Satan worship or occult groups.
Casting Spells: The use of incantations to call demons or unknown spiritual forces to effect changes in the material world by influencing nature or by affecting a person’s will, emotions or mind.
Modern examples: Voodoo, witchcraft, Satanic initiation rites or curses, etc.
Medium or spiritist: “an individual held to be a channel of communications between the earthly world and the world of spirits.” Mediums describe this as being taken over by an outside spiritual power. The bible says they are being used or possessed by demons.
Modern examples: seances, channeling (a New Age phenomenon now the current rage, just another word for a medium), Dungeons and Dragons.
D & D is a game that is often provides an entry into the occult and Satan worship. The use of spells and incantations is an essential part of the role playing in the game, but also, all players are encouraged to serve a “deity.”
Human Sacrifice & the Black Mass: Essential to performing the worship of Satan is ritual sacrifice. They believe they receive power from blood and from sexual relations, and so as part of the rite they may even eat human flesh or drink the blood of animals. Nudity and sexual intercourse on an “altar” are often part of the rites. The slaughter of animals in sacrifice is an early stage of satanic worship, but eventually it progresses into human sacrifice and murder, as the worshipers become more involved.
The black mass involves a mockery of Christ and the Christian Lord’s supper. They may use an upside down cross and spit on it or a broken cross. They may denounce Christ and “Hail Satan.” The may drink blood, blood mixed with urine or human feces.
Things to Watch for at Home and in our Culture.
Pentagram: a five pointed star. With one point up it symbolizes witchcraft; upside down it symbolizes Satan because it resembles a goat (an unclean animal in Judaism). Often used in worship or as an amulet. A sign used by some heavy metal rock groups like Motley Crue.
Pentagram or Pentacle
Swastikas: a sign of violence associated with the occult.
Heavy Metal or Hard Rock Music: Some, and only some, rock groups have an open allegiance to Satan.
Watch for Pentagrams or other Satanic symbols on album jackets, T-shirts, and in lyrics.
Pornography: pornography, especially child pornography, bestiality, and homosexuality/lesbianism are often associated with the occult.
Video Games: There are even video games that are modeled on D&D. In them, wizards and sorcerers battle demons, spirits, ghosts, orcs, etc. Rygar is one. The point is that these games get the kids used to the world of demonic.
Cartoons: Watch for cartoons that promote the exercise of supernatural power through spells, incantations, and the calling forth of totemic powers.
Movies: Many of the recent horror movies, dating back to Rosemary’s Baby, have portrayed Satan, Satanism, demons, and spiritualistic horror. Many portray evil and its power and use these things to create fear and a feeling of helplessness in the viewer. Some of these movies deal with the demonic comically to lower our resistance and our opposition.
What to look for in behavior at home:
A violent or rebellious attitude, especially one that has no apparent reason. Withdrawal from family activities. Long periods of isolation in one’s room. Drug involvement. Satanic symbols or occult paraphernalia, like Ouija boards. If the family has ties to the church, then a sudden resistance to church life. Or argumentativeness in church and adversity to the teachings of Jesus.
What to do if you find involvement.
1). The first step is to get help before confronting your child. Just removing the occult and obscene paraphernalia will not reverse the problem. These are only outward signs. The problem is internal: they have taken these things into their consciousness and just fighting with them about their allegiances to their idols will not address the real problem. You will need professional help. Since secular psychology denies the reality of the demonic, secular psychologists may not be prepared to deal with the spiritual dimensions of such involvement. So, your first step should be to get help from your clergy. They are prepared to be with you over the long haul, and they will go confront your child with you. They are also know what other options can be taken.
Beyond the local ministry, the 700 Club may be able to offer additional assistance {1-800-446-0700}, but contact your ministers first.
2) Even if the person involved renounces these occult involvements or worship, they will still need counseling, because it is a whole person change. Local pastors are not necessarily equipped to deal with long-term counseling needs, but they can refer if they need to.
3) Finally, I know this is a mixed crowd of the curious and the serious, but I must say this from my experience. There is no middle ground; Jesus is the only one who has the power to combat this satanic power. If you are just curious about what is going on around you, eventually you will just become fearful as you gain more knowledge. When dealing with the supernatural, you must rest in Jesus’ power and forget your own – for he has already defeated Satan. You are only susceptible to Satan’s power if you are not following Christ. If Jesus is Lord of your life, Satan will have no power over you. If Jesus is not Lord of your life, ask him to be Lord and ask him to forgive you for following Satan’s leading in your self-will. If you have had any occult involvement, ask Jesus to forgive you for it and renounce it in Jesus’ name so that Satan’s influence over your life will be broken.

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