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The following compositions, midi files, lyrics, and scores are copyrighted materials by Jefferis Kent Peterson, I. Permission is hereby granted for non-commercial use. Resale is prohibited. Distribution of materials is permitted provided that the materials are unaltered and this message and author’s email address, here, are included with the distribution.

If you would like use any of these materials in a church, synagogue, ministry, religious group, pro-life or charitable organization, permission will be freely granted if you will kindly email me describing the nature of your ministry. Please include the words “Music Request” in the subject heading.


(These files are .mp3 and .m4v files. To download the music in MIDI format, click HERE!)

  •  Invention # 1 in Fm 1974 Jefferis Kent Peterson. In the Name of the Father: composed second year of Connecticut College, N. London, CT. Dec. 1973-Jan. 1974. Score
  • Come to the Table – A Communion Hymn 1996 Jefferis Kent Peterson, I. Composed at Living Word Church of Butler. Lyrics Score  Variation on a traditional folk song:  “Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms”
  • Heaven On Earth – a Christmas Hymn 1993 tune & 1996 Lyrics, by Jefferis Kent Peterson, I. Lyrics Score
  • Our God is Able 1997 by Jefferis Kent Peterson, Lyrics, Score,
  • Invention # 2 in Cm 1985 Jefferis Kent Peterson, started in Seminary 1981, finished at Ebenezer Presbyterian Church, 1985. Score.

  • Brass Canzoni ©2018 PDF file Jefferis Kent Peterson
  • O Holy Spirit, Come to Me ©1988 Jefferis Kent Peterson. Lyrics
  • Sing Unto The Lord (A New Song – Psalm 96) ©1990 Lyrics   – Goes well as Blue Grass with a banjo.
  • Make Me a Man Like Enoch ©1988 Lyrics


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2 thoughts on “Composer’s Page – Music of Jefferis Kent Peterson I”

  1. Hi. I see that you wrote a hymn that’s entitled Oh Holy Spirit, come to me!
    I’m not a cessationionist, nevertheless there is no where in scripture that supports praying to the Holy Spirit. We pray to the father/ In the name Of Jesus through the Power of the Holy Ghost or just plainly in Jesus name. I totally agree with you in Gifts of the Spirit article. I disagree with Benny Hinn(false prophet) book title. “Good morning Holy Spirit” for the same reason. No where in scripture the Holy Spirit is address to in the same manner as the Father or Jesus. I’m a trinitarian and know that the Holy Spirit is our councilor, conforter- in another words He is a person, but no where in scripture is He address as a first person. This is one of the faults of modern Pentecostalism. It has mix mysticism with spirituality. Cordially your brother in Christ.

    • You may technically be correct in one sense, but I think you have gone a bit too far. The historic Nicene Creed states:

      And in the Holy Spirit, the Lord and Giver of life, Who proceeds from the Father and the Son: Who together with the Father and the Son is worshiped and glorified: Who spoke by the prophets.

      How do you worship someone you do not address? The Holy Spirit isn’t an It. He is a person, the third person of the Trinity. This isn’t a pentecostal doctrine. It is ancient. We are to worship God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit. You cannot worship without giving praise and honor.


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