Church and Pop Culture, Index to Lectures

Church and Pop Culture, Index to Lectures

 Developing a Christian Worldview in 
a Pagan Nation

Ethics 111 – 3 Credit Hours

1994, Jefferis Kent Peterson
(Licenses to use and distribute this course in other educational facilities are available.)


Lecture 1: Definition of Culture, Pop Culture, Ritual, Symbol: A Religious Hermeneutic of Pop Culture Objects and Events.
Lecture 2: The Study of Ritual, its characteristics, in being a Model of and Model for social get rid of cold sores behavior and identity.
Lecture 3: A Look at the TV NEWS
Lecture 4: Concept of American Civil Religion.
Lecture 5: A Look at the Movies
Lecture 6: Christians and the problem of communicating with contemporary culture. And Final Paper Instructions
Sample Paper : Androgyny in Popular Culture

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