A Dream About Islamic Attacks in France

Original Dream was 2.10.2013

2 years before the horrendous terrorist attacks in France in 2015, I had a dream about Islamic Jihadist attacks. In 2015, there were 6 significant terrorist attacks including the November 13th attack in the theater where 183 were killed or wounded.

I was in uniform. It felt military but I was part of a police detachment of the USA in France (could have been military police?). I was just promoted from Lt. to Captain with bars pinned on my lapel. I was walking towards a government building. The building was functional, smooth lined concrete with a large glass door on an inside corner. As I was approaching the building I passed through a crowd of very angry Muslims. If looks could kill, I would have been dead. I saw hatred and rage towards the US and France. As this large crowd was gathering, they were also getting AK-47’s from wooden boxed crates that were mislabeled (not labeled as weapons), and I could tell they were getting ready for a large scale attack. Even though they hated the US and me as a representative, I sensed no immediate danger towards me because as an individual, I was not the target. It was more towards the French. But I was very uncomfortable with their anger and wanted to get away from the crowd. I went through the glass doors into and through the building to the other side. On the other side, I walked out onto a large walkway about the width of a road, paved with concrete. At the edge of the path was a metal railing with an overlook that must have been 300 feet above sea level. When I looked down, I saw an upturned ship’s hull (you are looking at the bottom of the hull) in the water and a walkway out to the upturned boat and I immediately knew it was a memorial and there were a lot of people visiting it. I sensed it was the French equivalent of a Pearl Harbor memorial. And then I heard and saw hands intertwined, as when you put your hands out in front of you and intertwine your fingers when you put your hands together. And I heard “the destinies of the people of France and the people of the United States are intertwined,” and I immediately started crying for the French people. 

The next scene I walk back into the building and French military officers and soldiers are sitting around at tables as at a cafeteria and I see a French Colonel seated at one table (apparently the highest ranking person in the room), and I go over to him and tell him that he should see what is going on outside, that an attack is brewing and about to take place. He gets up from the table and starts towards the door to see and there the dream ends. 

We prayed Sunday morning that if this attack is not a fixed Word of the Lord, that the Lord would allows these terrorists to be caught and the attack prevented, but that if it is a fixed and unchangeable Word, that the Lord would use it to bring the French and indeed the West to repentance and revival.

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