A Word for America 1992

Economic Shaking Coming to USA
from 1992
first uploaded on Compuserve 4/3/94

While in prayer with my company, TLC, in April of this past year, 1992,
the Lord clearly spoke to me. My boss, Jack Sullivan, had just returned
from a trip in Russia, where the people were responding to the message
of Christ by the thousands. He would just have to open his mouth and the
people would come running to him saying, “how can we be saved?” And he
was lamenting the fact that in the U.S., the people are so resistant to
the Gospel; in fact there is no response and no revival.

Then, while in prayer, the Lord spoke to me, and this is what he said:

“Just as in the Soviet Union, I have shaken
every thing that can be shaken, so that the people will cry out to me,
so I will shake them in the United States. Just as I have shaken the military,
the government, and the economy until the people have reached out for
That which cannot be shaken, so I will do in the United States. I will
shake the things the people trust in, the government, the military, and
the economy, until they reach out to the only thing that cannot be shaken.
And you will see the same thing in the United States as you have seen
in the Soviet Union. You will see people coming to Christ by the hundreds,
by the thousands, and by the hundreds of thousands!”

My thoughts on this word:

God is jealous for his people, and he will not let them be content to
rest in false security and separate from him; full of material prosperity,
but empty of his presence and his righteousness. He will shake the false
things that people trust in that are not God until they begin to cry out
for that One who cannot be shaken and begin to find their true security
in him.

Because we have lived in an exceedingly greedy, selfish, and immoral
age, I believe he is about to shake our nation as well; until we come
back to our senses.

File PROPH.TXT, text, 1809 bytes, 205 downloads Uploaded by 73061,1777
on 4/3/94, you control this file Title: Prophecy: Economic Shaking Coming
concerning economic, military,and political shaking coming to USA, as it
has to Russia, to prepare climate suitable for revival in which 100’s of
1000’s will be saved.

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