A Real Stimulus Plan… Please!

"Where There is No Vision, the People Perish…" – Proverbs 29:18

January 27, 2009

I have no problem with a real stimulus plan, but let us think long term and create an infrastructure that will last for generations, not just for 2 years. If we think back to the Eisenhower era's establishment of the Interstate Highway System, its effect on commerce and growth has lasted generations. If we think of JFK's Space Program, it created thousands of industries from the technological advances made to meet the needs of the Moon Landing.

The proposed stimulus plan is absolutely insane. We did not elect a new Congress to continue with the same old pork barrel spending and business as usual. If this is "Change" we have been "short-Changed."

Now let's do it right. Here are some ideas many Americans could back and would create the next generation of technological advancement in a growing economy:

Build Mag-Lev trains from Pittsburgh to Sommerset and to Erie. It would create an industrial corridor and boost home values all along the system. Other states could develop similar plans.

Build T. Boon Picken's GRID for solar and wind power generation. Let private enterprise build the windfarms, but let government help with the transmission lines and attach them to the grid.

And if you want to be really ambitious, create a national gas pipeline infrastructure for automobile refueling, and get us off foreign oil!

We don't need more stadiums. We don't need grass on the Mall. We don't need condoms and water parks… all earmarked with tax payer money thrown at the problem in a spending orgy. We need VISION and a plan. All we are getting is politics and pork as usual.

Please, get a vision! For "without a vision, the people perish…"


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