Beautiful Are the Praises Which Arise out of Sorrow


Out of the Dust and Ashes of My Disappointment
I will Praise Your Name, O Lord!

Beautiful are the praises
that arise through the veil of tears
Which give thanks to God in the midst of sorrows
and declare His glory through the valley of grief.
Beautiful are these praises and
precious in His sight.
Like fine wine and scented oils
they gladden the Father's heart.

Beautiful are those
who ascend the mountain of prayer
With bruised knees and bleeding feet
Who are determined to give God honor
no matter what the cost.
They are true warriors
who serve God in spite of loss
And who love Him for who He is
not simply for His benefits.

So will the Father reward them
that seek Him through trials and troubles
Who are not dissuaded by the cost.
With such the Father is well pleased
for, tried and tested, they prove
They love Him more than Life itself.

Beautiful are the praises
of those who suffer
They are a sweet fragrance
rising up to the Father's mouth
a beautiful garland for the Crown of Christ.

To the eyes of the Lord
those who sorrow and continue to praise
Are diamonds and sapphires in His Crown of gold.
The Lord is not ashamed to call them his brothers.



This psalm was written at a time when all hopes of answered prayer and fulfillment in life were gone. I decided to praise God anyhow. I sensed the Lord was pleased. What purer praise can there be when, by it, we have no hope of gain? We have no ulterior motive but simply to praise Him because of who He is. When all self interest is gone from our praises, these praises must surely be acceptable in His sight!

2006 Jefferis Kent Peterson, I – all rights reserved.

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