Are you Pardoned or Paroled?

Do you feel sad, guilty, unworthy, or ashamed? Does it seem that no matter what you do, you can’t live up to God’s standards? Are you always trying to be on your best behavior, but still feel like you aren’t being good enough? If you always have the feeling you are being watched and judged, then you know what it means to be living on parole. God does not want you to live that way. He wants you to know his love. He wants you to feel freedom and joy.

If you have been trying hard to find peace with God, but cannot, then learn what it means to be pardoned. Find release from the prison of guilt, fear, and condemnation. This liberating book answers many questions Christians ask themselves: “Although I believe in Jesus, why do I still do bad things? Am I doing enough to please God? Am I truly saved? If God has called me to be holy, why do I still live in sin?” These are questions asked by people who want to know God better. It is a question of sanctification: how can I be pure before God, have intimate fellowship with him, and walk before him unashamed?

If you have ever asked yourself questions like these, this book is for you.

Pardoned or Paroled? Escaping a Prison of Guilt to Find Freedom in Christ
Pardoned or Paroled? Escaping a Prison of Guilt to Find Freedom in Christ

Now available on Amazon in paperback or Kindle. New 3rd edition. Also with this link to Smile @ Amazon, a portion of your purchase will help support the South East Asia Prayer Center or a charity of your choice

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