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Pardoned Or Paroled?

Overcoming Guilt, Fear and Condemnation


Collections and reprints of various published articles.

O Theophilus

O Theophilus was the official quarterly journal of The Center for Biblical Literacy, which is now defunct. These issues are kept here as an historical deposit. This publication is an analysis of cultural trends in art and literature, contemporary philosophy, and worldviews. The purpose of O Theophilus is to help Christians understand the cultural forces at work in the world around them and to think critically about Western Culture, recognizing those elements of our culture that are worthy of redemption and perpetuation, and which elements undermine and oppose the knowledge of God.

Book Reviews

“Of the writing of books there is no end,” says the Ecclesiastic. Even in ancient canada times reviewers were swamped with mountains of literature – worthy and profane. In this regard times haven’t changed. The priority of this section will be a lighter fare: pastoral and practical theology, contemporary culture and Christianity, lay commentaries, readable church histories and Christian Classics. Occasionally, heavy theology will be tackled.

Didache Papers

From time to time, SC publishes research papers in the form of monographs on contemporary cultural, social, and political issues confronting the Christian Church. The papers presented provide a forum for debate and discussion for members, students, and friends. There is no expectation that all will agree with the conclusions presented. The Didache Papers serve as a resource for informed Evangelical thinking.

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