The Online Bible for Macintosh – Software Bible Study and Texts for Mac or Windows.

Online Bible for Macintosh will NO LONGER BE UPDATED for the new operating systems. 
Sad to see this great program become obsolete. 

My program of choice for studying the Word
Jefferis Kent Peterson

Bible for Win/DOS users also available)
Ken Hamel has created a nifty little program for studying the Word
of God. One of its nicest features is its ability to paste Bible verses directly
into any of your art, email, or word processing programs with its FKey application.
It is free for the basic version with the King James Bible. The Full and Deluxe
versions are available on CD ROM.
They include NIV, NRSV, NAS, Treasury of Scripture Knowledge, Greek, Hebrew,
and hun dreds of other valuable resources. These versions cost something because
of royalties, but they are well worth the price. However,the price for the Online
Bible is much less than some commercial programs. I encourage you to check it
out for free, and then, if you like it, buy
one of the full versions
.You will not be sorry.

You can download the latest version
A copy of the KJV New Testament is posted there as well.


The Macintosh version of Online Bible has just recently been
updated. In addition, new CD-ROMs with additional material
have been produced.

New program features:
Support for pictures.
New tile option and commands.
Automatically save and restore last window configuration.
Copy range command for Bible passages and search results.
Bible texts displayed using italics instead of square brackets.
See “What’s New” file for a complete list.

New material on CD:
Adam Clarke’s Commentary (Entire NT and Genesis – Esther)
John Gill’s Expositor (Completed OT and NT)
Jamieson, Fausset, & Brown Commentary (Genesis – Psalms)
25 color maps & diagrams
1995 NASB with footnotes & xrefs (only on Deluxe CD)
Commentaries by J. A. Beet
Works by John Bunyan
Additional material by J. W. McGarvey
The A.B.C. of Biblical Archaeology by Dr. Wilson
Additional material on Creation & Evolution
Textual & Translation Notes by Jay Green
Additional non-English material in French, German, Dutch, etc.
See Appendix E in the new User’s Manual for a complete list.

The retail price for the CDs has remained the same. Those who purchased
an original CD can upgrade for $25. If you obtain a
new CD, the latest version of the program is included with it.

A complete description follows:

Feature List
* Fast, easy, and powerful Macintosh interface
* Perform word searches in under 1 second
* Complete set of search operators including AND, OR, XOR, NOT,
wildcard, and proximity
* Search and view the original Greek & Hebrew words using
Strong’s numbers
* Verb parsing information including tense, voice, and mood
* Greek & Hebrew lexicons with definitions in English
* Point and click hypertext linking
* Load, view, and search sixteen or more translations at once
* Synchronized scrolling of search results, Bible passages,
and verse notes
* Open as many as sixteen verse note/commentary sets at once
* Unlimited windows
* Bookmarks for Bible passages and personal notes
* Extensive collection of English as well as foreign
translations to choose from
* Actual Greek and Hebrew texts for original language work
* TrueType Greek and Hebrew fonts
* Over half a million cross references
* Commentaries by Matthew Henry, John Wesley, Adam Clarke,
John Gill, A.T. Robertson, C.H. Spurgeon, and others
* Topical studies by Naves, Thompson, Torrey, and others
* Integrated personal verse notes with built-in editor
* Bible FKey for quick and easy passage lookup without
switching applications
* View Bible passages and verse notes using any installed font
* Picture support with color maps and diagrams
* Print or export as a text file any Bible passage, search
result, verse note, or topical study
* Disk-based User’s Manual with tutorial and reference sections
* Requires a hard drive and System 6.0 or higher.
* Runs on any Macintosh from a Mac Plus to the newest Power Mac
* More program features, more translations, and more add-on
modules than any other Macintosh Bible study package available<br>


Ordering Information
Online Bible 2.5 program with disk based User’s Manual….. $5.-
(Note: The program disk is free when ordered with any Bible
text module listed below.)

Bible Texts
KJV with Strong’s numbers, footnotes, and alternate readings
(3.7 meg on 2 disks) …………………………… $10.-
1984 NIV with footnotes (2.1 meg on 2 disks) ………….. $25.-
1995 NASB with footnotes and xrefs (4.6 meg on 2 disks) … $25.-
1982 NKJV with footnotes (2.1 meg on 2 disks) …………. $15.-
1989 NRSV with footnotes (2.1 meg on 2 disks) …………. $15.-
1993 Modern KJV by Jay P. Green, Sr. (2 meg on 2 disks) … $15.-
1993 Green’s Literal Translation (2 meg on 2 disks) …… $15.-
1973 Revised Standard Version (2 meg on 2 disks) ………. $10.-
1901 American Standard Version (2.1 meg on 2 disks) ……. $10.-
1898 Young’s Literal Translation (2.1 meg on 2 disks) ….. $10.-
1890 J.N. Darby Translation (2 meg on 2 disks) ………… $10.-
Spanish 1989 RVA (2 meg on 2 disks) ………………….. $10.-
Spanish 1909 RV (2 meg on 2 disks) …………………… $10.-
French 1910 Louis Segond with Strong’s (3.6 meg on 2 disks) $10.-
German 1912 Luther with Strong’s (3.6 meg on 2 disks) ….. $10.-
Italian 1991 La Nuova Diodati (2.2 meg on 2 disks) ……. $10.-
Russian 1917 Synodal Text (2.4 meg on 2 disks) ………… $10.-
Five Greek texts (1550 Stephanus with Strong’s and full
parsing, 1894 Scrivener, 1991 Majority, 1881 Westcott-Hort,
and Nestle’s 26/27th) and Biblia Hebraica consonantal text
(8.2 meg on 4 disks) ……………………………….. $20.-

Add-On Modules
Thayer’s Greek and BDB Hebrew Lexicons (3.7 meg on 2 disks) $10.-
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge (6.2 meg on 3 disks) …… $10.-
Thompson’s 1934 Chain Refs, Torrey’s New Topical Textbook,
and other topical material (6.4 meg on 2 disks) …… $10.-
Nave’s Topical Bible (4.8 meg on 2 disks) …………….. $10.-
Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening (1.6 meg on 1 disk) …….. $5.-
Easton’s Bible Dictionary (3.9 meg on 2 disks) ………… $10.-
Smith’s Bible Dictionary (3.8 meg on 2 disks) …………. $10.-
Robertson’s NT Word Pictures (5.7 meg on 2 disks) ……… $10.-
Matthew Henry’s Concise Commentary (4.2 meg on 2 disks) … $10.-
John Wesley’s Notes on the Bible (6.5 meg on 3 disks) ….. $10.-
1599 Geneva Bible Notes (5.5 meg on 2 disks) …………. $10.-
Apocrypha – Oxford and RSV editions (1.7 meg on 1 disk) … $5.-
(Note: If you require double-density disks, add 20% to the
above prices.)

(Note: See Appendix E in the User’s Manual
for a complete listing of CD-ROM contents.)

Classic CD with over 400 meg of Bible texts and add-ons … $40.-
Deluxe CD containing Classic plus NIV, NASB, NKJV, & NRSV . $90.-
Classic or Deluxe CD upgrade
(only if you purchased an earlier CD)…………….. $25.-

Note: Upgrades should be obtained from the distributor you
purchased your original CD from. If that distributor doesn’t
handle upgrade orders, send your original CD (without the
jewel case) to the author along with the name of the
distributor you purchased it from and the $25 upgrade fee.
Others may retain their original CD for archival purposes,
but are not to sell or give it away in that it contains
copyrighted material for which royalties on only one copy
have been paid. Postage is free on all CD-ROM upgrade orders.

To U.S. or Canada …………………………………… free
All others countries ………………………………… $5.-

When ordering from the author, funds must be in U.S. dollars
and any checks must be drawn on a U.S. bank. Postal money
orders in U.S. dollars are O.K. Make checks payable to
“Ken Hamel”. Thank you.

Ken Hamel
Box 168
Oakhurst, NJ 07755

Tel: 908-741-4298

-----------------< The Online Bible Catalogue >-----------------------------
Online Bible Upgrade Install Disk for Windows
For those with a 4 meg /386 DX or better, use the Window's version
instead of the DOS version. It works really well with the CD. You
can load up to 50 versions and 25 note sets at once, synchronise
scroll, paste directly to your word processor and lots more. This disk
installs your older Online Bible CD or upgrades your existing DOS
Online Bible version 6.x Online Bible to run as a true Windows
application. Please indicate in your letter the exact version number of
the Online Bible you have. Versions older than 6.0 cannot be updated.
Versions older than 6.1 must be updated using the latest Online Bible
DOS install disk before you can upgrade the installation to run under
Windows. This install disk is included free when you tell us that you
have a version 6 Online Bible that is older than 6.1. If you order the
Windows CD, you do not need this upgrade disk; it is already on the
$5 US / $7 CAN.
Online Bible 6.30 Windows CD-ROM
/386 DX or better with 4 or more megs of memory, 2 megs of
hard disk space, Windows_ 3.1 or Windows 95_. (_ of Microsoft
330+ megs of material _ Over a $1000 worth of books _ Easy to
use, menu driven program _ Fast word, phrase or Strong's number
search _ 644,000 cross references _ Over 5000 topics including
Thompson Chain topics _ Bible Dictionary _ Bible keyed to
Strong's numbers _ Verb parsings _ Greek and Hebrew lexicon _
Add your own topics, notes and word studies _ Import passages
easily into most word processors _ Ten English versions including
KJV, RSV, ASV _ Three dozen foreign translations in French,
Spanish, German, Dutch and others _ Greek text keyed to Strong's
and fully parsed _ Bible commentaries include Concise Matthew
Henry, 1599 Geneva Bible notes, John Gill's 10,000,000 word
exposition of the Bible, A.T. Robertson Word Pictures in the
Greek New Testament, plus others _ John Gill's 1,000,000 word
"Body of Divinity" _ Spurgeon's "Morning and Evening" _ Latest
Archaeological material _ Creation Science material, "The Lie",
and the "Quote Book" plus others _ Pilgrim's Progress plus lots
more. 25 Full colour maps.                $49.95 US / $69.95 CAN
You can easily move some or all of the material from your CD to
your hard drive thus freeing up your CD player for some other CD.
Each CD contains a coupon when you wish to buy the next Windows
CD. Enough new material is added annually to justify getting an
annual update each fall.  
Adding the NIV or NAS or NRSV Versions to the CD
To get the unlock disks for either the NIV or NAS or NRSV versions
on the Windoes or DOS CD include the following amounts for each
unlock disk.  
NIV                                         $20 US / $28 CAN
NAS                                         $20 US / $28 CAN
NRSV                                          $5 US / $7 CAN
If you already have purchased the NIV or NAS or NRSV from us
before, mention this in your order, and they will be included at no
cost to you. NRSV is free if you mention you want it when you order
or if you request either the NIV or NAS.
Which CD should I order?
If you are running Windows or plan to in the future, order the latest
Windows CD. Otherwise order the DOS CD. Both CD's contain the
ability to make disks so you can install the Bible versions, topics,
notes and so forth onto machines that do not have CD's like laptop
The Windows CD will always have the latest material on it. We are
planning no more updates for the DOS CD. All new material will be
added to the Windows CD only.
I do not have a CD on my computer.
CD players for most computers are quite  and are easily added
to older machines like /286's. You can order a CD-ROM player for
about $60 US from Damark (800) 729-9000 or Tigersoft (800) 888-
4437. In Canada, Datacom (519) 658-5161 is selling them for $70. All
you need is a plain double speed CD. No sound card and no speakers.
Quad speed CD's may be easier to come by and cost about $150.
Even if you are planning to upgrade your machine, you can move the
CD player you are buying to your new machine, thus preserving your
Even if you do not have a CD player on your machine, you can still
use the Online Bible CD. Take it to a friend who has a CD and create
the disks from it to load onto your computer. When you do get a CD
player, you can use the CD you bought.
Discounts on CD-ROM Orders
Volume discounts are available on bulk CD orders. Price breakpoints are
at 3 CDs 15% off, 5 - 30% off, 10 - 45% off, 25 - 60% off the normal
price. Shipping is $5 plus 25 cents per CD.  e.g. shipping for 25 CDs
is $5 + 25 * 25 = $11.25. GST & PST extra on Canadian orders. Order
manuals for the DOS CDs separately. No discounts on unlock disks.
Ordering Procedure
We only ship 3 1/2 inch high density disks for disk orders. The
install procedure can convert these to other sizes using the
procedure outlined in the manual. Circle the amounts of the items
you want and write a personal cheque or money order for the total
amount. Outside Canada, please use the US amount and make your
cheque or money order payable in US funds drawn on a US bank. Do not
use a US Postal money order.  Overseas orders please add $5 extra
for postage on disk orders. All material is sent first class air
mail. Even so allow 3 to 4 weeks for delivery. The US mail is very 
slow at times. If you have sent us a letter or an order and have not 
heard back within 4 weeks, contact us. The order was probably lost 
in the mail. Send order to:
Larry Pierce          Tel: (519) 664-2266 (noon to 5 p.m., please)
11 Holmwood St.,      Fax: (519) 664-1444
Winterbourne, Ont.
N0B 2V0
Make cheque or money order payable to "L. Pierce in trust".
Canadian orders please add 7% GST. In Ontario add 15% for GST &
PST. (No PST on manuals.)
--------------------------< Index >---------------------------------------
God's Simple Plan of Salvation                          22199
Online Bible DOS User's Manual                          22021
User Topical Index                                     200000
Archaeological Material                             400001
Answers Book                                        401466
Facts of Life, by Gary Parker                       401417
The Lie, by Ken Ham                                 400667
Questions & Answers on the Bible and Science          8700
Revised Quote Book                                   22200
Topical Items
Combined Index for All Topical Material              12000
Thompson Chain Topics                                 4301
New Topical Text Book                                 6000
Revised Easton's Bible Dictionary                    23000
Doctrinal Material
An Antidote Against Arminianism                     400705
A Body of Doctrinal & Practical Divinity            400737
How to Study Your Bible                               8651
Major Bible Doctrines                                 8500
Pilgrim's Progress                                  400002
Puritan Confession of Faith                           5450
The Sovereignty of God, by A. W. Pink               401351
Spurgeon's Catechism                                  5900
Sum of Saving Knowledge, Major Index                  5750
The Crucifixion of Jesus Christ                     401315
Other Material
Harmony of the Gospels                                9000
Index to Koran                                       30001
Index to Misc. Material                               9901
Index to "Morning and Evening", by Spurgeon          27501
Index to People's New Testament Notes                 9151
Index to Robertson's Word Pictures                    9351
Index to "Treasury of Scripture Knowledge" Notes     22351
Maps and Charts                                      22019
The Works of John Gill                               27001
Influence of the Bible                                9013
Parallel Passages in New Testament                    9050
Parallel Passages in Old Testament                    9100
Index to Additional Topical Material
See 3Topics for Index                               300000
See 4Topics for Index                               400000


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