The Loss of Reason and Truth in Modern America

Where reason has lost its sway, argument has lost its value. You are no longer dealing with ideas and concepts but with emotions and feelings. It is impossible to argue with feelings and emotions, as they have no root in objective reality, but are a response to experiences, good and bad.  Reason, truth, or even the concept of truth representing reality no longer holds court. The flailing chaos of emotions is not tied to anything but subjective feelings. To argue, or attempt to argue, with logic against such beliefs is easily resisted because, without truth, there is no accepted standard by which to judge the validity and value of an argument.   

I have often said that those who believe in God, who believe in an ultimate and objective reality, and a universe governed by immutable physical and moral laws are trying to convince those who hold no such views of the value of their cause. But without agreed-upon rules of engagement, with truth a fluid concept based in feelings and subjective beliefs (your truth is not my truth), we are playing baseball while they are playing soccer.  We may be playing on the same field, but the rules are totally different.  No one can win when the goals posts, and bases are not even in the same ballpark.  We expect them to respect our rules when in discussion or disagreement, but for them, there are no rules. Those who reject the idea of fixed reality tend to rely upon ad hominem attacks, labels, slander, and impugning our motives, but will not actually debate the issues.  

Take, for instance, the debate over transgenderism. Not only is there not a God who ordains reality and displays it in an ordered creation; for them there is not even the constraint of physical reality or biology. You are whatever you believe yourself to be. I.e., your belief system and your feelings trump the physical laws of nature. Nature is not reality, but is as pliable as an avatar in digital space. You are your own creation.  The fact that this ideology has captivated lawmakers, school systems, and governments means that such a belief system, separated from science, is a religious ideology, and for the State in any way to impose this religious ideology on its citizens makes it a violation of the 1st Amendment. It is, in fact, establishing a religion, or religious view, as a State mandate, violating Christian, Jewish, and Islamic beliefs. The State, instead of supporting the free exercise of religion, has become an adversary of religious freedom.     

The fact that I might believe myself to be an eight-foot-tall Asian basketball-playing woman does not make it so, any more than identifying as an opposite gender or race, makes it so.    In short,  you may live in Crazy Town but don’t expect me to buy a ticket to go there. 

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1 thought on “The Loss of Reason and Truth in Modern America”

  1. What does transgenderism, abortion as a form of birth control, homosexual marriage, energy policies that hamper food production and so-called vaccines that have been proven to be neither safe nor effective and were not properly tested before being mandated for certain groups, all have in common? Answer: All of these will limit, if not also, depopulate the planet. I don’t believe for one minute that all these things just randomly came together at this time. Satan’s fingerprints are all over it. We’re at war, no doubt about it.


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