Introduction To Deliverance Ministry

Intro to Deliverance Ministry

The Body of Christ (that means you) has authority to deliver people from demonic bondage.
How the devil disarms us…through fear
Opening Doors for the evil one to oppress you
Signs of oppression:
addictions to sex, drugs, alcohol, gambling, fear of the occult, compulsions and uncontrolled anger
Unforgiveness – cause and/or result of oppression
Getting Back the Key: Renunciation of past occult practices and repentance.

A Theological Inquiry: What Are Principalities and How are they Reconciled To Jesus?

Bernard Law and the Sex abuse scandal

The majority of references to these principalities and powers are “hosts of wickedness in heavenly places.”  Yet in Colossians, it says these rulers and authorities were created through Christ and are to be reconciled to him.  How can they be reconciled if they are evil?