A Time of Darkness; A Time of Light – 9 Prophetic Words

There is a conflict between the World’s System of Governance and God’s desire for all Nations. Prophetic Words recorded in 1992 are being confirmed by contemporary prophets and are coming to pass, or soon will be. Financial collapse, Supernatural provision, International corporations want to rule the world and control the people, their thoughts, their speech, and an end to their freedom to disagree.

00:00 – The Current Situation of Darkness: Rollerball
04:00 What God is Doing, Current Prophecies
06:50 The Supernatural Move of God!
08:00 Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Judgment of Church & Political Leaders
09:07 It is Impossible! How Can God Do This?
10:29 A Shaking is Coming! Protection for the Faithful in Times of Lack
15:23 Judging of the World’s Financial Tower of Babel
17:54 Praying “Thy Kingdom Come… On Earth”
20:25 God Alone Will Get the Glory! – A Great Awakening
25:15 We Are Living Isaiah Chp. 26 Now! Our Destiny is Freedom!

Get prepared:
1. There will soon be a time when all looks lost as the dark side makes one last push to take control.
2. There will be darkness: loss of Internet, communications, electricity, and economic shutdown. A total collapse of the stock market and bond market.
3. God is doing it to deprive the globalists, the international corporations who fund this evil, the social media oppressors, and the deep state, of their finances and to disrupt their plans for a great reset, while God does one of his own.
4. The move of God will be like NOTHING anyone has ever seen before, similar in style to the Exodus, but multiplied by 1000% as He rocks the world. This move will not be just one of political changes, but supernatural.
5. There will be accompanied by volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and tumult in the seas.
6. God will provide for and protect his faithful servants during this time and the wealth of the wicked will be transferred to the just so that God’s purposes will be accomplished through his servants.
7. Many evil leaders will suddenly be removed either by death, resignations, or arrests. Many false republicans will also be brought down. Many compromised pastors and church leaders will be exposed.
8. America will be restored, or rebirthed. There will be a great revival in the land, esp. As people become desperate.
9. The Republic will be re-established, as it was turned from a Republic to a corporation in 1871 by bank acts that made us subject to foreign financial powers, contrary to the Constitution.

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