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There are many areas of theology that delight the mind and the heart with the depth and beauty of our God. Because He is majesty and mystery, we see only through a "darkened window pane." We know only in part, but one day we will see "face to face."

Until that time, theologians and laity alike may find the mysteries of God a joy to contemplate. These sections are areas of interest and investigation of the members and friends and guests of SC. The purpose of these treatises and writings is to spark debate and discussion. We hope that you will be able to enter into this open arena of Christian conversation with the grace, not necessarily to agree with all that is said, but to be civil and to walk in the love of the Lord as you communicate with other brothers and sisters in Christ, who like you want to know Him, even as they are now known by Him.

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Dead Sea Scrolls

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Viewing Contemporary Culture Through the Eyes of Christ.
Providing a critique of pop culture, analyzing secular trends, the media, and Western worldviews.
The Scholar's Corner exists to challenge the Church to higher righteousness and to engage contemporary culture with the claims of Christ.

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