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Jurassic Park 1996

Amber found in the mountains of Lebanon has been confirmed as the oldest in the world, dating back 125 million years, and insects trapped in it could lead to new scientific advances.

The amber contains insects, some now extinct, and plants far older than those found in Baltic amber which dates back 35 million years according to ProfessorGeorges Tohme, head of Lebanon's National Council for Scientific Research.

Images of lumbering beasts and extinct vegetation cloned from amber crystal has taken on new life, no pun intended. The debate among Young Earthists (YE) and Old Earthists (OE) within the Christian community will surely intensify. The techniques of dating paleo-amber are in dispute. Creation Research Institute, Gish-Morris-Whitcome-Goetze connection will no doubt tackle this new finding. Whereas, Hugh Ross ,and old-earth Biblical cosmologist, and associates will hardly lose any sleep over the 'ambers of Lebanon.'

Sources:The Commercial Appeal, Memphis, Tuesday, October 8, 1996, A2.

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