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Fun and Games and the Theology of Play

Fun and Games

Adam's first act as a human being was to "name the animals." God's image in humanity was revealed by encouraging Adam to act creatively. The naming of the animals was an act of inspiration, not of mimicry. We as human beings have a creative impulse. Art, music, theology, philosophy, literature, and even scientific study can be acts of creativity. These arts express something essential in us of the Image of God. Likewise, creative play is also a form of inspiration. To be whole we cannot be serious all the time. We also need to enjoy the life that God has given us. That is the reason play is also called re-creation, or recreation. This section of the Scholar's Corner investigates the theology of play and reports on fun and games.

Play and the Purposes of the Lord

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World War II Online (WWIIOL)

F/A-18 Hornet 3.0 patch to 3.1(Download .sitx file)
Hard to find patch for Hornet 3 which plays on OSX in Classic.

Combat Mission: Beyond Overlord


Dead Sea Scrolls

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