Uncovering A Biblical Worldview

Eschatology - Theories of The End Times

Theological Investigations of the Last Days

How and when will the world end? Are we in the end times? Who is the lawless one of 2 Thessalonians? Are you Pre-Trib, Post -Trib, Mid -Trib? Are you Pre, Post, or A-Millennial ?

If those names don't mean anything to you, read on. They have often generated more heat than light in modern Evangelicalism. Fur is ruffled and sparks fly as Christians of good faith disagree over the "correct" End Times theology.

While we at SC have our various opinions, we do believe that when the Lord of the Church Comes Again in Glory, he will correct us all with his truth. Until that time, we will agree to disagree, while arguing vigorously for our positions. We hope that the environment of charity and love will prevail while Christ is held in honor by all.


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