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The Church and Pop Culture

Developing a Christian Worldview in
a Pagan Nation

War, Pacifism and the Christian Tradition

While the education offered here is worthy, we will make no attempt
in the near future to establish this service as an accredited agency
with the Federal Government. The purpose here is primarily to help you
understand how God's Word works in the world. It will benefit you in
lay ministry or in professional ministry. It will help you understand
the culture of the United States from a biblical perspective, and it
will help you reach out to those not in Christ

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Dead Sea Scrolls

The Scholar's Corner

Viewing Contemporary Culture Through the Eyes of Christ.
Providing a critique of pop culture, analyzing secular trends, the media, and Western worldviews.
The Scholar's Corner exists to challenge the Church to higher righteousness and to engage contemporary culture with the claims of Christ.

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